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We understand that the thought of telling a contractor your budget might make you nervous. It goes with today's business environment. Fortunately, Stout Homes has impeccable credentials. We are fully licensed by the state of Florida. We are insured. We have a unblemished and verifiable track record. We are proud of our achievements.


And, we want our customers to understand that budget knowledge is as vital to us as it is to them. We ask for an estimated budget at the very beginning of discussions. Experience has demonstrated that an open conversation about finances can generate strong initial momentum that will carry all the way through the project to achieve the customer's goals for quality and cost.


We use the client's budget as a general guide to create the most effective preliminary estimate possible. How?


We create value within that budget figure. We talk with subcontractors. We assess which materials will work best. We quantify those materials, and we carefully gauge costs to create the most sensible approach.


You receive a reliable and realistic preliminary estimate. It outlines spending for a feasible project. And, it diminishes the chances of a "let's cut this" or "there's no money for that" scenario later in the project. Our open-books policy provides an extra layer of comfort. Want to know how your deposit check was spent? Want to know which subcontractors were paid how much? Or, how much did that tile cost? Stout Homes is happy to field these questions. Any contractor should be. It may be our work, but is your money.


Our books stay open to customers and their accountants. Audits are allowed. Copies may be made. We do not create financial "wiggle room" with tricky math, and we are proud of it.


The best projects often come from collaboration between customer and contractor. A budget discussion at the very beginning starts the collaboration. It is the first step on the road to superior results!

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