Our Approach

Our approach, from initial meeting to start of physical work, is covered in five basic steps.


1) INITIAL MEETING: A strong initial meeting can build terrific positive momentum in any remodeling or renovation project. We receive your concepts and ideas, offer our insights, identify the general scope and direction of the remodeling project, and take appropriate measurements.


2)  BUDGETING: Experience has shown us that the best results occur when the contractor knows the general budget for a project at the beginning of planning discussions. We ask for this information up front. We want to be able to give realistic feedback. And, we want you to know what results can be produced with various levels of spending.

3) FREE ESTIMATE: We give "free estimates." To us, they are serious work. A Stout Homes complimentary preliminary estimate involves a full analysis of a proposed project, with assessments of design, materials, subcontractor requirements, and many other factors. We give it our full attention. We want to give the fairest, most accurate complimentary preliminary estimate possible.


4) REVIEW PROPOSAL: A personal meeting gives you the opportunity to review and question details of our complimentary preliminary estimate with the professional who prepared it. It is the perfect time to explore the interrelated issues of design, materials, and finances. We answer all questions. Some larger projects require further refinement and value engineering.


5) PROCEED: With your approval and deposit, we start the project. Some situations require a minor refinement of the proposal, which we undertake at no charge. Projects with a high degree of complexity may require payment of a retainer to embark on significant modifications or to allow for design work.

We look forward to hearing from you - if you want a Licensed General Contractor in Sarasota, Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch then Stout Homes, Inc. is your building contracting company - call us today.

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