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Frequently Asked Questions

Before choosing a contractor for your project, the first thing you should do is research so you pick a contractor that meets your expectations and can complete your project successfully. To help you on your journey, we've compiled some frequently asked questions that we get often.

Q: How can I be sure that I get a competent, reliable contractor for my project?

A: The best way to ensure that the contractor you hire will be responsive to your needs and responsible for performing work correctly is to research their history, asking the right questions, checking their license and reaching out to references. Visit the company’s website to determine the length of their work history in your area and to verify that they have the proper experience with projects similar to yours. Consider checking with the Better Business Bureau to confirm the contractor’s company is in good standing.

Q: Do I need to have a licensed contractor do my project?

A: It’s highly recommended that you make sure that your contractor is properly licensed in the state in which you plan to complete your project. A licensed contractor will ensure that proper permitting is executed, state and local codes are adhered to and inspections are being performed. Licensed contractors are required to carry the proper insurance and complete continuing education courses on a regular basis to ensure they are up-to-date on all of the current rules and regulations.

Q: How can I find out if my contractor is licensed with the State of Florida?

A: Ask the contractor to provide a copy of their license. The license should have the contractor’s name on it and not someone else’s name. In addition, you can look up licensed contractors by visiting www.myfloridalicense.com and search by name, company or license number.

Q: What will the estimate look like? How do I know my estimate outlines the real cost of the project?

A: Nearly every estimate we create are “cost-plus” projects. This means that the contractor has performed a detailed cost analysis and itemized each and every single cost that is needed to complete the project, including the labor, management and oversight costs. These estimates help to ensure that you experience no surprises and are extremely comfortable with knowing that all the work proposed is included in the estimate.

Q: What is a “change order” and can it make my project more expensive?

A: A change order is a written agreement that creates a record of a change to the scope of the work of the original project contract. Change orders happen when a customer makes a change that alters the price after the contract has been signed. On occasion, change orders are needed because problems that could not have been predicted are discovered after the project is underway (for instance after a wall is opened up). Changes made via change order and any differences in the projected budget are communicated clearly to the client.

Q: What if I cannot leave my home or vacate my business during construction?

A: The most important consideration is the safety of your family and your possessions. The Stout team takes this very seriously. Noise and dust are a part of the process; however, our team will clean up throughout the project and we will make every effort to work in a manner that is convenient to the family and/or the building occupants. We realize that schedules can be complex and we work to stay in touch continuously with our clients to make sure our work is done in the safest, least intrusive manner possible.

Q: What is your work schedule?

A: Projects are always scheduled in advance. Generally, remodeling work rarely starts before 8 a.m. or extends beyond 5 p.m. Often, one subcontractor cannot begin working until another is finished. We have experience in minimizing the delay between the two.

Q: How much insurance does Stout Homes & Remodeling carry?

A: Stout Homes & Remodeling carries a $2 million aggregate commercial general liability insurance policy.

Q: What are your service areas?

A: Stout Homes & Remodeling works throughout the greater Sarasota and Manatee County areas. Communities served include: Sarasota; Siesta Key; Bird Key; Lido Key; Longboat Key; Osprey; Casey Key; Nokomis; Venice; Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton.